These words from the song Landslide, “If you climb a mountain and you turn around”, made me think of life as a journey up a mountain, with no consideration of the destination, the top.  Everyone must turn back at some point, young or old, they’ve made it as far as they can go and for the most part, not by choice.  My husband and I started our journey together when we were fairly young.  Our kids joined us too, but left to find their own trails, as kids must do.  The Adirondack mountain trails I’ve been on have included tough and messy sections, some that go straight up, as well as bridges for crossing rivers and switch backs to help with steep inclines.   I’ve needed other people and useful tools at times to help me along the way.  Each of these also illustrate the wonderful and tough times of my life’s journey.  My husband had to turn around too soon, leaving me to continue on my own, with no one alongside to encourage me through the rough parts or share beautiful views along the way.  But up I must go; it’s the only direction for the journey we call life.


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