Greater Need

In the movie Frozen, Anna needs to get warm, so Olaf, the snowman, builds a fire and as you know, fire is not a snowman’s friend.  Olaf, “Some people are worth melting for.”  For me, this isn’t about dying for someone, it’s about meeting the greater need.  During my 13th year as a CPA, I realized I needed to do something different.  We moved to the area 18 years earlier for my husband’s career as a forester, but my husband had left his job and was studying to teach, I wasn’t able to grow or build a retirement fund, and our youngest was headed to college.  There wasn’t much opportunity for a better or even equal position so I looked elsewhere.  The transition to the job I took was lengthy and sometimes hard, but for the most part extremely beneficial.  Looking back, it’s the main reason I was able to retire early and move to live by my daughter when my husband died.  The move for his need, another move for mine, were both what was best for us at the time.  It wasn’t about one person winning but seeing how meeting the greater need could benefit both of us.


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