Finding Joy

I was playing my husband’s guitar yesterday, practicing the song he wrote about the Adirondacks, and my granddaughter crawled over, stood up by my knee, and looked up at me.  My heart immediately gave way to joy, sadness, and anger.  That precious face that brings me so much joy, reminding me he’s not here to see it.  He’s not here to sing his song to her, hold her, or make her laugh.  He would have experienced uncontainable joy if she stood up by his knee and turned her precious face up at him.  He was a kind, loving, and giving man who was denied the joy that grandchildren bring.  The things he was couldn’t have earn him that joy because joy isn’t one of those, if you work hard enough you’ll get it things.  Joy is something everyone can find because it’s not hard or complicated, and can be as simple as a state of mind.  I find it in people and the things I love to do.  Finding joy, in just one thing, can help me make it through all that’s difficult, hurtful, boring, ordinary, and necessary in my life, because it’s always waiting on the other side.


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