If Only . . .

Today my husband would have turned 63.  I think he would have looked the same.  If only he had gone on a trip for these past 5+ years and come home today, my heart and mind would go immediately to how much he’s missed and how far his family has come since he left.  I’d show him so many pictures and videos and tell him about his grandson and granddaughter.  I’d show him the two stores our daughter and her husband built from only ideas.  I’d want him to walk the recently purchased land on which they will build their first house.  I’d want to immediately purchase plane tickets to Anchorage and enjoy his reunion with our son and daughter-in-law and show him photos of their amazing adventures.  I’d demonstrate all the skills I’ve learned and show off all that I’ve created in the workshop.  I’d show him the new home I created and all that my hard work in the yard has accomplished.  I’d want him to take me kayaking and fishing, and out to dinner.  But most of all I’d want him to hold me and tell me how much he loves me. If only . . . .


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