Cloud Cover

Yesterday, on a small plane, I really and truly thought I was going to die.  The massive clouds over the Adirondacks looked like a solid wall as we headed into, instead of under or over, them.  They weren’t solid, of course, but they weren’t fluffy either, jostling the plane in every direction.  With no visibility, I wondered where the mountains or another plane could be hiding.  We passed through two more cloud banks before the sky opened up and we could see the runway.  At one point, I noticed the pilot didn’t appear concerned at all.  He was calmly doing what pilots do, so I took comfort in that, even though I still held onto my seat.  Sometimes, when my life is surrounded by thick clouds, I need to trust others and believe them when they say there’s no need for concern, there are good things yet to come, there is hope, I won’t be sad forever, I can heal, I am strong, and I am loved.  When I lose sight of these truths because I’m too close to what’s happening, good friends, inspired only by love, can steadily support my wings until I’m able to find clear blue skies.


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