Warm Glacial Moments

I recently camped by one of the most amazing sights I’ve ever seen.  This wasn’t my first trip to a glacier, but the Spencer Glacier, only accessible by train, rises out a glacial lake littered with blue and white icebergs.  The view, as we made supper in our makeshift kitchen, was something I’ll possible never see again, and to be so close to these icebergs in small rubber rafts was the most amazing experience.  Even more amazing was the people I shared this with – my son and his wife, and my grandson.  The four of us crowded into a 2 person tent playing Go Fish, team work to turn the water pump handle, skipping smooth glacial rocks, breaking up the ice on the surface of the lake to discover secret passageways between the “bergs”, a game of iceberg soccer where my grandson, as the goalie, learned the phrase “I own this”, and another phrase, “Get out of town”, on the train ride home.  Extraordinary experiences, far exceeding the normality’s of everyday life, photos capturing uniquely beautiful memories, and cheers to a remarkable trip with craft brewery beer and chocolate milk.  What more can I say except, truly astonishing!img_2757


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