Holding On

The wind has been blowing for more than 24 hours with huge gusts.  I thought I’d wake to leafless birch trees, but most of the leaves are still there.  Is the tree holding onto the leaves or the leaves to the tree?  Their yellow color indicates they’ve already succumbed to the cold and yet it seems as if the leaves have decided it’s not time to let go of fall just yet.  There are things in my life I’d like to hold onto forever.  Some of these things are good for me but others are not, even though they bring me comfort.  It’s been over a week since I watched TV; something I thought I couldn’t live without.  It’s been that long since I’ve enjoyed my daily dose of peanut butter and chocolate chips and I’m doing just fine without them.  I hold onto notions I have about myself that may be true or not, but I believe and hold onto them both.  If only I could loosen my grip, like I did with those things I’ve recently done without, then the untrue and unbeneficial would start to fall off and I’d be left with what’s true and beneficial.


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