Determined to Motivate

A picture taken of me recently shocked me.  I’ve been eating too much and walking not enough.  It’s amazing how easily a photo captured the truth I’ve been denying for quite some time.  I’ve said, one more piece of pie won’t hurt, you’ll eat less tomorrow.  I’ve said cleaning the house or walking the kids to the beach is enough exercise.  I’ve substituted all the summer outside projects for my daily short power walks.  I don’t function well in the heat so there’s another excuse.  In the winter, the weather is uncooperative and who knows what excuses I’ve use to not exercise.  Time to make a change.  Is it motivation I’m lacking or determination.  The question is asked, what motivates you?  Something from without, like another person who has overcome more than me.  Determination comes from within; something I need to hold in my mind.  It’s constantly changing my will to achieve something that seems beyond my reach.  So here’s what I’m going to do; buy some super sticky notes, write what it is I’m determined to do on a dozen or so, and place them everywhere I need inspiration to live a healthier lifestyle that will change me forever.


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