A Grand Parent

Looking down at my grandson sleeping, I couldn’t help think about this amazing person, and his sister, that their grandfather never got to meet.  Hard to believe it’s possible to feel both extreme joy and deep sorrow at the same time.  He won’t get to help them load up their camping gear, grab the canoe, and head out on a wilderness adventure.  He’ll never get to take them fishing or get the chance to tell them his stories adorned with exaggerations and humor.  He won’t get to see them grow into fine young people sprinkled lightly with his one-of-a-kind gift for being more than just the sum of all that life throws your way.   I count very fortunate all those who call themselves a grandparent, for they lived long enough to behold their children’s children, who they’re free to simply love and enjoy, adding to these two aspects of parenting that are so often overshadowed by the rest.  I am truly blessed to not only meet my grandchildren but be present for a good part of their lives.  For me, grandparenting is one of the greatest privileges and opportunities I’ll ever have and I will make the most of it.


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