Useless or Stinky

After going to the dump and recycling center, I feel lighter.  The stuff I take is no longer useful so it’s just taking up space and getting in the way.  It’s a continual process of accumulating and discarding.  I try not to generate too much trash or collect temporarily interesting stuff that I’ll quickly lose interest in and question why I wanted it.  Occasionally I go through rooms and closets looking at my stuff, asking if I need or want it.  If I just want it, that’s OK, but I better have a reason other than I’ll use it someday.  I can look at me in a similar manner.  I collect harmful habits, thoughts, and actions that not only don’t benefit me, but are hurtful to me and others.  They can easily crowd out all things good and cause undesirable changes in me.  On my own or with some help, I need to grab a trash bag, take a look, and start throwing all that’s useless or stinky out of my life, heart, and mind.  It’ll be hard to look deeply with the intent to find stuff to permanently throw away, but feeling lighter will be worth it.


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