If Only

My daughter as a young teenager decided she wanted to move out.  As I helped her pack her bags I asked which one of her friends would she like to live with.  We talked about each of her friend’s families, discussing the pros and cons, and she concluded there wasn’t a better place, so she decided to stay.  It’s quite common to not like where we live, what we do for work, who we live with, or what we look like.  If only I lived here, or was an only child, or could be a florist, or looked great in a bikini, or have straight hair, my life would be so much better.  But there are people living where I want to live, with no siblings, who are florists, look amazing in a bikini, and have straight hair, but are they better off than me?  Maybe, maybe not.  Places, jobs, families, and what I look like are what I make of them and life is so much more than these peripheral things.  Working with my circumstances is always better than working against them and improving the quality of my life can be as simple as changing my mind set.


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