Time For Me

One of the hardest things to do as a wife, and especially as a mom, was to find a little bit of time just for me.  Except for sleeping and bathroom privileges, time for me came last.  Other people and things took up so much space in my life, I couldn’t fit.  Even when I was asked if there was something I wanted to do, I couldn’t come up with anything.  My husband would go to hunting camp or hiking and he’d say, why don’t you make plans to do something?  The things he did were close by and didn’t cost a lot of money, but everything I came up with meant traveling and cost lots.  It was also doubtful I’d find anyone to go with me.  “We’re guilty as women, as mothers, of demoting our needs, belittling our dreams, turning away from our wishes.”  My guess as to why we do this is, it’s part of our nature to care for others first.  My solution should have been to give the members of my family who lacked that nature, the important job of combining forces to make sure, the person taking of so much is taking care of herself.


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