Life Events

Today is my parent’s 64th wedding anniversary and tomorrow would have been my 42nd.  My dad passed away yesterday but his life and their anniversary is still something worth celebrating.  Two people meeting on a blind date, who end up spending 64 years together, raising six daughters who raised 13 grandchildren, who are raising 12 great grandchildren, with one more on the way!  Strong, amazing women, even stronger and more amazing grandsons and daughters, and who knows where life will take their children.  His death, the last life event, cannot overshadow the thousands of life events he experienced during his 86 years.  Like our marriage, theirs wasn’t always perfect; life isn’t perfect.  It was never meant to be, but it was meant to be enjoyed and endured and we did both along the way.  Each of those thousands of life experiences make us who we are as individuals and as couples; the perfect reason to experience as much of life as we can, celebrating the amazing, and learning from the difficult.  What more can we ask from an imperfect life than to approach its end surrounded by those who imprinted themselves into our being and ours into theirs.


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