Memorable Things

My grandmother never drove a car or went swimming.  She was afraid of squirrels and when she passed gas in her elder years she’d ask, was that the wind?  It was the wind alright, keeping those scary squirrels away.  She never re-married after my grandfather died because she said this time she would only marry for money and never found anyone rich enough.  When she moved into an assisted living facility she started giving her unneeded things away.  She gave my mom her diamond ring and copper bottom pots because my mom didn’t have either.  I have her muskrat coat and 1862 Rogers silverware, old things she thought no one would want.  I could tell it pleased her to be present to pass those things she cherished on to her family.  I’ve done so with most of my husband’s things and plan to do so with some of my things.  It’s so much more rewarding to give now, because having someone else see as meaningful, the things that are meaningful to me, means I’ll still be meaningful to them after I’m gone.  Whenever I wearing my grandma’s coat or polish her silver, my memories bring her back to life!


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