I’ve been thinking a lot recently about our amazing human bodies.  How my brain controls all bodily functions.  How I can sleep, everything shutting down except my 24/7 internal organs.  When does the brain say, I’m done telling the rest of you what to do.  When does the heart say, I’m tired of pumping blood or the lungs say it’s time to take a breather (pun intended).  Age is one of those when factors we can’t but, there’s others I can control and therefore give my vital organs a better chance to keep doing what they supposed to do.  Even with exercise and healthy eating there’s no guarantee.  I can’t give my brain a pep talk or a lecture because it pretty much gets to ignore all the logical reasons why I want to stick around.  Will it say sorry for messing with things like speech, muscle coordination, or vision when I’m almost 90 or will it ask, what did you expect?  Maybe, if I’m lucky, I’ll stop quietly in my sleep.  Either way I need to know, whenever the deciding factors say it’s time to go, that I’ve loved with gusto, forgiven much, and therefore made a difference.


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