In a movie about an accused spy facing the death penalty, his attorney asked him several times, aren’t you worried?  He responded with a question each time, would it help?  No response needed because the answer is obviously no.  Worrying about something that is out of our control makes absolutely no sense because it doesn’t have any effect on the outcome.  I taught my kids about drunk driving and drugs, sent them to parties in our car, and worried they wouldn’t make it home unscathed.  I did all I could to prevent an undesired result and that should have prevented me from worrying, but it didn’t.  I still worried about what they would do at that party, which was an exercise in futility because worry didn’t alter their evening, it altered mine.  Whenever I’ve gotten seriously ill I immediately worried it might be cancer.  It never changed the results of any test, just the acid level in my stomach.  Since worrying about such things is a learned behavior, it can be unlearned, so here’s my plan.  Every time I start down the path to worry I will ask myself, would it help, and if the answer’s no, let it go.


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