Why? How?

One of my sisters came to visit recently.  She’s one of my best friends, which is more important to me than being my sister.  We hiked, kayaked, shared a few meals and ice cream cones, and talked and talked.  We talked about what’s normal when it comes to grieving and concluded why can’t everything about it be considered normal?  Who’s to say it’s not?  Is there such a thing as an expert on grieving when everything about grief is unique to each person?  We asked other why questions and didn’t really come up with any solid answers except it’s OK they stay unanswered; what other option is there that lets you keep your sanity?  We talked about our experiences with sadness so great we no longer wanted to live and how that sadness buried every logical reason to live so deep they were no longer heard.  Even so they kept calling and somehow finally woke us up and we questioned how it was even possible to entertain such terrible thoughts.  It’s amazing what understanding, trust, and concern can accomplish in each of us as we continue to make our way through different, and yet in many ways similar, experiences.


2 thoughts on “Why? How?

  1. Beautiful expression of those times when Hope isn’t even on the radar, but the will to see what tomorrow brings keeps calling. Thanks.


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