We had our kids when we were young, but not too young, in our 20’s.  Our parents became grandparents in their 40’s and great grandparents in their 60’s.  They went to their grandchildren’s high school and college graduations and weddings.  Today couples aren’t becoming parents until they’re mid 30’s or later and then grandparent are in their 60’s and great grandparents in their 90’s.  I think in the near future, there will be very few great grandparents.  The sad thing for families is the leaving factor – kids leaving the place where they grew up and moving away.  Parents might see their kids once a year or have everyone all together every 3 or 4 years if they’re spread across the country or continents.  It’s even harder for grandparents.  When my father-in-law came to visit the other day he said he came because he wants his great grandchildren to remember him.  We took a short walk and my grandson held his hand; I wish I had taken a photo.  I did get a photo of him with both his great grandchildren on his lap and after he left my grandson said, I miss grand-poppop already.  Don’t forget to capture memories.


2 thoughts on “Memories

  1. You are so right! The other day I read an article that said women are choosing to start families these days in their 50s after successful careers, and I did the math when I read this. I was stunned!
    My Mom gave birth to me when she was 43 which is 2 years older than I was when I had my first grandchild. I know how difficult it was growing up and being raised by my “grandmother”. A whole generation was lost and there was no way my Mom would ever understand the things I was dealing with. It made it real difficult to talk to her because she really couldn’t relate.
    Although I can see the advantages of having children when we are more mature and accomplished in life, I also feel there are more negatives than positives all the way around.
    Fortunately my mother lived to be 100 so she was able to meet her grandchildren and make plenty of memories that they will carry and treasure forever. We were lucky, but I am guessing that most end up being deprived of all the love a grandparent brings to a child’s life.
    I am blessed with 7 grandchildren, 3 step-grandchildren and a step-great-grandbaby. Glad to have had mine in my 20s.


    1. Thank you for your comments. How wonderful to be blessed with lots of special little ones in your life. Yikes – just starting your family in your 50’s! Not sure where the energy will come from and it’s somewhat sad to see where priorities and importance are placed.

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