I am so sick of people walking down the sidewalk staring at their phones, especially traveling in groups.  It’s like there’s no one else using the sidewalk for what it’s there for; walking.  It takes about 15 minutes to walk down one side of main street and you can’t help looking at your phone?  Part of the joy when we walked main street years ago, before the invention of cell phones, was not being bothered by normal life distractions.  When we got back home, we might hear, we tried to get in touch with you, where were you?  We were away – the key word being away – away from normal life, experiencing something different.  Of course, this is all coming from a person who still owns a flip phone because it does what I need it to do when I’m not home; receive and place necessary calls and texts.  Everything else I can do at home and it can wait.  Days are made of moments, moments you can never get back, so all of me will be present for those that are ordinary and those that are special, taking in the wonder of them and those around me.


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