Time Takes

The time it takes to do many common tasks, like household chores, travel, and communicating, has gotten shorter and shorter and yet the world demands shorter still.  I used to complain about how slow the new credit card chip reader is until a customer pointed out that when the process becomes instantaneous I’ll be wishing I still had that little bit of time to breath between sales.  The shorter time needed for household tasks has made it possible for both husband and wife to work outside the home but I wouldn’t call, a full day’s work plus times two, progress.  What do I do with the time not needed to bake bread or hand wash laundry every day?  The only option is redirect it since it’s not possible to add more or save it up.  Time ticks away at the same pace every day driving people to speed up the pace of their tasks to fit in more and more.  Interesting question – how would I spend an additional 2.5 hours a day if there were a sleeping pill that would let me get my required 7.5 hours of sleep in 5 hours?  Would I work it away or play?


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