There’s lots of things in my life I should change, the hardest being what I need to get rid of.  I struggle with exercise, but that’s something to add, not subtract.  It’s pretty easy to discover what’s missing, but much harder for the things that need to go, because they’ve become a habit and incorrectly accepted.  Things like unjustified fear of what I need to do when the outcome is uncertain, where there’s a chance I’ll mess up or something will get messed up.  A fear so ingrained in me it took a good 15 minutes to put into words.  What else has been erroneously allowed to take up permanent residence?  How long will it take to kick them all out?  Whatever it takes, it’ll be worth the effort.

  • Rocks / Effort
  • This rock has been hit by the lawn mower many times.
  • It can stay in this spot no longer.  Does it matter to a rock where it ends up?
  • I start to dig, only to discover the rock is larger than it looks.
  • It spreads out deep and wide.  It’ll take more effort than I thought.
  • But it will be worth it.  My lawn mower will thank me.

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