A couple purchased a fairly expensive bottle of chardonnay yesterday; the husband insisting on not choosing the least expensive bottle because they were on vacation.  I immediately thought of my husband.  It was something he would have done but I wouldn’t have agreed and that made me regret the few very special occasions where I didn’t say “What the hell, let’s go for it”.  What difference would spending a few thousand dollars over 36+ years have made?  Would we have not been able to pay the mortgage or eat; no.  Would it have brought us more priceless memorable moments; yes.  Regret can take you in two very different directions.  One takes you to anger over your stupidity, and sadness over the not-possible do-over, and the other to smarter where you can redirect the regret towards not letting it happen again. Regret can only happen after you’ve chosen to miss moments or chosen badly and realize your error, so learning and then avoiding in the future is the only option.  I might not get the chance to use what I’ve learn from my regretful moments during my marriage, but I can write them in my stupidity book and let them go.


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