The Sum

Weddings aren’t what they used to be.  The majority of weddings used to be the celebration that kicked off a couple’s life together and guests brought everyday, practical wedding gifts to get them started.  Today, many couples have already lived together for years and already own the everyday and practical.  So why bother getting married?  Is it the vows that are too easily forgotten?  Is it the legality; sharing health and car insurance, filing jointly, or making it important to end the relationship costly? For me, our wedding started the process of blending our two lives into one.  There was almost a childlike excitement about being introduced as his wife because it meant I belonged to him and him to me.  Being a wife defined one of the two most important parts of my existence.  There were moments when vows were forgotten and times when the costs to end it were considered, but marriage isn’t about the single moments; it’s about their sum.  Our sum, starting at zero, zoomed high after the wedding, declined and rose again over time, still ended as a positive sum; the only result possible when the positives are greater than the negatives.


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