My Worth

How much is my life worth?  Does it depend on what I’ve accomplished; possibly if the extent was grand enough.  How about how long people remember me; not when we also remember people for the horrible things they did.  Names are passed down through generations, like Henry VIII, but I know nothing about him, except his name, and what about the first Henry; not a clue.  I have pictures of my grandfathers, only two generations back, but I know very little about them because they died when I was quite young.  My mother’s mother lived into her 90’s so I remember her and a few things about her life.  I have a crocheted table cloth made by my husband’s great-great-grandmother so I have evidence she existed, but no more than that.  It’s old-fashion, so who knows how many more tables will benefit from its beauty.  My conclusion is my life is only worth what I make of it right now.  Every moment is spent in one way or another; in joy or sadness, love or hate, calm or angry, thoughtful or self-centered, forgiving or bitter.  Each a choice impacting not only my life and my worth, but those around me.


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