Love Grew

We’re born with the capacity to love and be loved, but where did the love for my husband come from?  And why is it still here even though he is not?  From the moment I knew they existed, my love for my children grew as they grew inside me, and has always been unconditional and constant.  The love I have for my husband began at some point, grew as our lives became entwined, and was the one thing that escaped the question why.  Even though it seemed to be conditional and inconsistent, it wasn’t, because I stayed even when I didn’t like him, hating some of the things he did.  I know he felt the same about me.  At times it was a love that had to be remembered, or filled my heart just looking at him, or was prompted by an unexpected kiss, compliment, or gift.  It has stayed because of all the good it brought to my life.  These things make me think of love as oceans; waves, tides and sunken ships; from unseen beginnings, surging or calm, growing and declining again and again, with the possibility of discovering treasures throughout the many phases of my life.


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