Lots of Love

I think one of the ways people learn is by observation.  I didn’t learn much from my parents regarding love and marriage.  They rarely expressed their love for each other or even interacted in my presence.  I also didn’t learn much from television in the 60’s.  An episode of Dick Van Dick portrayed the classic crazy reaction of the baby coming from the dad-to-be, which took place in their twin bed bedroom!  We pretty much figured it out on our own that it takes an enormous amount of love to hold a marriage together when not liking and not understanding kicks in.  Then add kids, which redirect most of your time and energy and you can’t resist loving, and that supply of love for each other could run dry, if it’s not deliberately built back up with compassion, forgiveness, and support.  There are some things love can’t conquer, but it managed to do so for all the things we found along our way.  Love wasn’t always “a many splendor thing”.  In retrospect I see it was sometimes glue and sometimes an anchor and has not only survived but grown in me without him here to make it real.


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