How’d You Do?

One of the things we didn’t do when our kids were in school was to ask them to get straight A’s.  We would ask to see their grades, especially on tests and papers, but then ask, how did everyone else do?  Sometimes the grade didn’t look good by itself, only in reference to the other grades.  A grade of 78 was great if the highest grade in the class was an 80!  My kids, as adults, have mentioned how this didn’t focus on the grade while still recognizing more work was needed.  It’s too bad we don’t continue to get grades throughout our lives from friends, family, and co-workers.  What kind of grade would I get as a sister, a friend, a mom, a daughter, or a childcare provider? It would be encouraging to hear the good things and difficult to hear about my downfalls because that would mean I’d have to make improvements.  It would be tough to be compared to my other sisters or other moms, but I might find some things I’d like to work on.  May I never become complacent regarding finding what needs to be improved, and becoming better than the way I am.


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