Fix Yourself

I often see things wrong with other people and question why they don’t fix themselves – over weight, not kind, self-centered, or seldom says thank you.  I rarely take a look at myself to see the changes I should make because fixing is not easy.  Becoming the kind of person I want to be means figuring out what that is and then, how to become that person.  About 20 years ago, I didn’t think I was overweight until I saw a picture of myself filling out a shapeless size 14 dress.  I lost 20 pounds because I saw a person I didn’t want to be and made a commitment to never get that big again.  After my husband died I became aware I didn’t say I love you or hug my kids enough, which was shocking but correct; he was the hugger, he said the words.  I could have ignored that discovery and said, that’s just the way I am, but instead was determined to change it.  I’ve experienced it both ways: self-discovery that took years, and a friend willing to be honest about what they saw, which was much harder but quicker.  Either way, better is always better.


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