My husband had to overcome many obstacles throughout his life.  When I met him he could hardly read and yet he not only learned how, he received an associate’s degree in forestry and a bachelor’s degree in education.  We ran two successful businesses and raised two successful kids.  I can’t waste energy on being jealous of those who have things come easy because I need that energy to do what it takes for me to succeed.  If there was a meter for measuring the strength needed to succeed, it would not measure how long it takes or the result, but the amount of energy and determination that was spent, how many obstacles were overcome, and how well that which cannot change is endured.  The goal should always be to conquer but sometimes just standing on my own is enough.

  • Old Tree / Perseverance
  • The tree will stand as long as it can.  It would stand forever if it could.
  • But there will always be rain, wind, and snow to push against it.
  • How long will the tree stand against such forces?
  • It depends on toughness, tolerance, and endurance.
  • For strength is stronger than will against forces that cannot be controlled.

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