Nothing Left

From the book The Turning Point: “Sometimes I think my mum could run the country – but other times she seems quite small.”  What an amazing description of a mom; capable, prominent, and important enough to run a single household like a president runs a nation and yet, at times unnoticed, unappreciated, and insignificant amidst everyone and everything around her.  Every mom needs a “Camp David”; a physical or inner place to escape from being in demand and taking care of others.  A place to take care of her and only her for even a few minutes each day; to sit in the car and read, for a short brisk walk, no banging on the bathroom door.  It is possible to find time every day to give myself a break if the #1 thing on my to-do list is me.  Yes, lots of things need to get done and other people need me, but what kind of me is getting things done and there for other people?  A crazy, stressed out, hurried me or a calm, efficient me.  Don’t give all your chocolates away, because if you do you’ll have nothing left but a pretty box with nothing sweet inside.


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