What I Want

What I want to do or don’t do and what I want to happen or not happen, should sometimes, but not always take priority.  I want is a powerful enough thing to throw needs, lack of finances, and caring about what someone else wants, out the window.  Getting everything I want and giving someone else everything they want certainly brings joy, but at what cost.  Children that get everything they want can be described as spoiled or self-centered and when wants become more important than needs, the credit card companies are the ones who really benefit.  When my wants conflict with the wants of someone else, who wins?  If I win all the time, it implies the wants of the other person aren’t important, maybe as far as the other person isn’t important.  Determining who has the greatest want would work if wants could be measured, but how can they when there’s no why?  Needs on the other hand are measurable because there should always be a why.  If greater care is taken when choosing between the two words then needs won’t be mistaken for wants and a decision can be made where no one wins and needs are met.


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