Life is bizarre sometimes.  A few blogs ago I raised the question about being joyful when someone awful dies and then yesterday while flipping through TV channels I came across a show called 1,000 Ways to Die.  It portrayed bizarre deaths, mostly of bad people, like a car thief who was killed by the power windows of the car he was stealing and a professional scammer who faked being hit by a car which then rolled forward on its own and crushed him.   It wasn’t joyful to watch, but I’m glad these criminals can no longer steal from other people.  There are consequences to every action, good actions and bad; from insignificant to severe, from positive to negative, for just me or others, in this life or the next.  I often think about the results of things I do, but now, as I write this, I’m thinking for the first time about the harm I’ve caused myself as a result of treating myself badly.  I try very hard not to treat others badly, but find it easy enough to do it to myself.  It comes down to this; I don’t deserve to be treated badly.  I’ve been through enough.


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