The Journey

This morning I watched a couple of squirrels play in the backyard.  I must have watched them for 10 minutes doing somersaults, wrestling with sticks on their backs, and jumping from tree to tree.  As my grandson would say, I’ve never seen that in my whole life!  As I watched I thought about how easy it is to be busy and occupied with only completing a task or goal.  Too preoccupied to take notice of all the cool things existing and happening around me.  I paused the other day to watch and listen to a loon flying by – oh, my goodness!  I can’t seem to climb an Adirondack High Peak without looking around me to find really cool moss, flowers, or trees growing in the most unlikely places.  I’ve seen people talking and texting on cell phones in the most unlikely places too.  What can be more important than being present in each and every moment?  Getting to the top of a mountain peak may be the ultimate goal, but I’ll have an amazing journey along the way if I make the journey part of the goal instead of making the journey just the means to an end.


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