I’ve recently finished some dress alterations; one modernized a 1970’s wedding dress, and the other made the dress fit better.  Ladies sometimes buy a smaller size with plans to loose enough weight to fit into the dress. I’ve found that life and living need to be altered as well.  My husband applied to a forest tech program but wasn’t accepted because he didn’t have the right math skills.  He altered his plan and commuted an hour to take a community college math class.  He re-applied, was accepted, and graduated 2 years later with high honors.  When his job was eliminated, he decided to become a teacher and after 12 years of mostly part-time college classes, and a student teaching experience that would have defeated most students, he reached his goal.  When he died, I had to find the strength and courage to alter myself to fit into a life that could not be altered.  Like clothes, life doesn’t always fit, so I can’t be afraid to take a good look at my life, find what doesn’t fit, and then fix it or me.  Making the necessary alterations may be hard, but far better than putting up with a bad fit.


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