A Life

I read that we should strive to live our lives so at the time of our dying no one rejoices.  News channels frequently report tragic deaths and testimonies of people saying amazing things about the one that will be missed so much.  I often thought, what about the people that die and won’t be missed; they must not be news worthy.  Would it be joyful to hear about someone who died and took their hate and meanness with them, someone who didn’t help anyone but themselves, someone whose death made the world a better place?  I don’t think death can be called tragic because death is inevitable.  What is tragic is the life of someone gone before, what we consider, their time.  Gone before they’ve had a chance to experience not only life to the fullest, but just the normal things like marriage or grandchildren.  For some, no longer able to finish impacting those around them like a teacher or a dad.  How much time I have to do all that living entails is not a given so I need to choose how I live and not let living take me to the end of a life not worth celebrating.


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