I realized recently that most of my relationship issues are due to pretty big differences regarding caring; an awareness of others and their needs, being thankful and saying so, and recognizing where help is needed and helping without being asked.  Caring comes naturally to me and so I expect others to have the same inclination, but they don’t.  I have an awareness of me and my needs and therefore take care of me, which is common enough, but I also have caring for others in my mind and heart, spilling out into action.  I wouldn’t go so far as saying I put others first, but they’re given a pretty big priority.  I enjoy caring and I’m sure it makes a difference, but it’s hard to keep caring when it’s rarely recognized, which I now know is not on purpose.  I can’t let the action of others, or the lack thereof, keep me from caring.  Since it doesn’t really matter to them if I care, I need to start running it by my does-it-matter-to-me meter.  If it does, then I’ll consider it as caring for me, and if not, then I’ll move on and put that energy into something that does.


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