To Experience

My grandson stayed over last night so we set up the tent in the yard.  He was so excited; he’d never slept in a tent before.  He was a little concerned about raccotes (coyotes), and what else could be out there in the dark, but he was fine when I said I’ll be right there with you.  After climbing into his sleeping bag he whispered all his thoughts about sleeping in a tent while he drifted off the sleep.  How precious it was to have given him one of the many first time experiences he’ll have in his life.  I laughed when I thought about never spending the night with my grandmother, especially not in a tent, or that my children never had such an experience with theirs; both parties missing out, and missing out is something that should be avoided at all possible costs.  It’s easy to come up with an excuse not to experience, especially for us non-adventurous types.  Why not be determined to do just the opposite and come up with an excuse to experience all that I am able.  How much more exciting life would be to say again and again, look what I just did!


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