The easiest path isn’t always the best, unless you’re water.  Certain paths require effort, while others require none at all, in fact, some will just carry you along if you let them, just like moving sidewalks at airports.  It was very easy to allow almost every aspect of my life to be carried along with my husband’s; rarely anchoring myself long enough to discover my own pathways, rarely needing my own strength.  I’m pretty certain it would have been just as wonderful to keep a portion of me from turning into us, making it easier to now be anchored as me instead of we.

  • Connecticut River Flood Waters (10-4-2010) / Strength
  • Running water chooses the easiest path; directed by the objects in its way.
  • It’s seldom the best path for those watching and waiting.  But water doesn’t care.
  • If you don’t like the path it takes, you’ll have to make it change directions.
  • For water only considers itself.
  • It doesn’t care if it sweeps away thousands of pumpkins.
  • If you’re in its way, it’ll take you with it.
  • Anchored, it’ll pass you by; hollow, it’ll pass through; if neither say goodbye.
  • Choose to be anchored, for in that there is strength.

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