I’ve decided to change my exercise plan since the previous one isn’t working.  My goal was walking for an hour, or ride my bike 10 miles, a few days a week.  This morning, with rain coming, a 20 minute vigorous walk felt great, just the right amount of time and a good heart workout.  So I’m going to start walking 20 minutes every day and if a day or two is missed it’s OK, not so with my old plan.  The 20 minutes is easy to manage in the mornings before my grandchildren come or in the evening.  It’s always a good thing to re-evaluate plans, and routines especially, because it’s so easy to think all routines are good.  Washing my face every night, yes, having a cocktail, no.  Asking why is a good thing to do when it comes to plans and routines.  Is this something I want to, need to, or should do?  How is it benefiting me?  The answer can be simple, it helps me relax, or a dilemma, it isn’t something I want to do, but I know it’s the best thing for me.  Time is a precious commodity; too precious to allocate to just anything.


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