Smart and Determined

I have a very smart and determine cat.  After much thought, I created a blockade to keep her away from my tiny flower vases but she figured out how to get to them anyway.  Sometimes I need her to stay in the basement and yet allow my other, sweet, but not so smart cat, access.  She figured out how to open the one way cat door so I had to take it apart and re-invent it.  Both attributes, smart and determined, work well together when it comes to figuring things out.  One without the other has very different results.  Smart means I can think of solutions but not necessarily be strong-minded enough to try them out.  Determined means I try and won’t give up, but with so many bad solutions to try it’s easy to run around in circles.  Combine the two and the mind and body work together to achieve a lasting result.  I’m still figuring out how to re-arrange my 36-year-married life pattern.  Not only did I have to become aware action on my part was required, I need to stay aware so I can continue to be smart regarding solutions and stay determined to see them through.


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