There seems to be many differences in the world today regarding race, beliefs, and life styles that trigger the wrong kind of reaction.  This is what I would say to someone offended by my difference.  I don’t need you to accept me or even like me, just don’t judge me or hate me.  I’m me, and you’re you and it’s not necessary for us to be exactly the same.  I don’t need you to try and change me and I won’t try to change you.  I don’t need you to agree with me; it’s OK to have different opinions.  I have the right to say what I believe without you trying to shut me up and you have the same right and I will listen.  Listening doesn’t mean agreement, it means I respect you as another human being and recognize your right to speak.  I don’t need your affirmation because I’ve already accepted who I am and what I believe and my acceptance is all that matters.  Me being different doesn’t harm you and shouldn’t threaten you; it’s not contagious.  We’re different in many ways, but none that matter.  I hope we have at least one thing in common: kindness.


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