Making A Difference

I’ve had a couple of careers in my life; as a CPA and a financial analyst.  Sounds pretty important, but when I had these jobs, I often wondered who it was important to.  My finished projects certainly provided lots of information, and I did it in a timely, efficient manner, but did it matter to anyone.  After moving back to upstate NY after my husband died, I’ve mostly been watching my grandchildren.  Two positions, a controller and a treasurer, were advertised since I’ve been here, and I thought about applying, but didn’t, for no particular reason.  I came to realize why the other day as I thought about how to describe what I do now for a living and why I do it and my answer wasn’t, I watch my grandchildren, it was I’m making a difference, a difference that will last a lifetime.  Far more than important, it’s remarkable because I’m able to positively impact two very important lives.  What better project to undertake than helping to mold and unfold my grandchildren’s lives.  By describing what I do by its impact, rather than the task itself, I can find purpose and satisfaction in what I do; an amazing revelation!


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