This morning, after thinking my usual first thought of, rats, it’s time to get up, I said “Oh, my goodness”.  I smiled as I thought first about being given another day, and then about those I have in my life.  It’s been a good day so far and when things went wrong, as usual, I thought, that’s OK, doesn’t matter, it’s fine, I’m fine.  I thought of those same three words throughout the day and each time they reminded me to be amazed and joyful for all I have and I smiled.  I mowed my lawn and thought, sort of doesn’t cut it.  I thought, you are you, and what’s wrong with that.  In my mind, I figure out how to fix me, but I’m not all that broken and the parts that are, those I want to change, don’t need emergency surgery.  I think it’s good to admit to those who care about me that I’m struggling but working through it.  It gives them the chance to take part in the fixing; accepting me where I am, as fixable; loving and encouraging me; and noticing I’m working on it, and if not, giving me a kick in the pants.


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