Oh, My Goodness

In the movie 50 First Dates, the main character, Lucy, has short-term memory loss.  Each morning she wakes, her memory wiped clean of everything since her accident.  In the final scene she wakes and watches her here’s-what-you’ve-missed video and goes up on deck to kiss her husband and meet her young daughter, both for the first time again.  She says “Oh, my goodness” with amazement and joy.  How wonderful to start each day, without all the crap that tries its best to bury the joy and newness of love, and without the growing passive awareness towards those we have in our lives.  On the morning my husband died, I said goodbye, without any thoughts of how amazing it is and how blessed I am to have this person in my life to love and appreciate.  Nope, it was just another morning with this man I learned to live with, no, more like, put up with.  I didn’t see him as this man who I love more and more each day and want to hold onto until my last breath.  I’m going to start beginning my day with “Oh, my goodness”, and see where amazement and joy takes me.


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