The rain finally came today after a very long stretch without it.  I love the rain, especially to go to sleep or wake to its gentle sound.  All living things need it to live and grow, some just a little, some quite a lot.  The saying “into every life some rain must fall” tells us about a different kind of rain; not needed, not wanted.  If only I could say when and how much, maybe I’d be prepared.  Sometimes we get years or hours, but other times the rain comes with no warning at all.  There’s rain protection like eating healthy, but not prevention.  It happens to all of us, so each person, in their own way and time, must discover the strength to pull the plug and grow stronger.

  • Rain / Stronger
  • Mother Sky send rain to this thirsty ground and let me drink.
  • Give water to Mother Earth so I can steal it from her.
  • But I err in making such a general statement.
  • Not too much rain or I’ll drown nor too little or I won’t grow.
  • Maybe I should say no more than I can handle.
  • For I may be stronger than I think I am.

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