I think there are two distinct meanings for the word acceptance; one is, here I am right now but here I may not stay, and the other is here I am and here I’ll stay.  Both start with acknowledging where I am is where I am, but there’s a huge difference after that.  Where I am might be OK, but if it’s not there’s door #1 – once I accept my life as it is, I can move on to changing it.  There’s also door #2 – once I accept my life as it is, I choose to stay where I am; give up, give in.  Choosing either door means no more complaining because the choice has been made, fully aware that where I am isn’t OK.  Choosing to transform my present life will take quite a bit of work and time because change is a process; a process that moves me forward, the only direction there is.  By not accepting the life I have now, I’m allowing sadness, anger, and complaints to taunt the possibility of change; (with a sing songy voice) nah, nah nah, nah, nah, you can’t fix me! I can and I will through door #1.


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