You Are You

The last words of the following poem, you’re beautiful, got me thinking.  Am I?  Why not?  Of the 18 synonyms I found for the word beautiful, only three have nothing to do with vision, so the saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” must be wrong if I’m to believe what my eyes see.  I know the meaning; each person has their own sense of beauty.  I believe that and the saying “beauty is only skin deep”, but when I look in the mirror I don’t see any beauty at all.  It’s not my eyes that lie, it’s my mind and heart.  What I believe and what I accept are two different things.  Why is it so hard to accept that I’m beautiful? Because it’s me telling me and I find myself hard to believe.

  • Lichen / You Are You
  • This lichen on the tree; it looks like someone stuck oak leaves to the trunk.
  • Up close it looks like lizard skin, not like leaves at all.
  • What is it trying to be?  Maybe it can’t decide, so camouflage will do.
  • So what if you look like an oak-leaf-shaped lizard.
  • You are what you are and you’re beautiful.

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