If asked the question, what is it you don’t ever want to lose, most people would say keys, glasses, cell phone, credit cards, or wallet.  I’ve experienced the loss of these myself and it’s extremely frustrating to look for, and a hardship to replace, these items.  My first thought is they’re only misplaced, not gone for good, so I look until I’ve exhausted every possible location because I not only want, but need them back.  Because they’re so important to me, I take great care of these things.  Socks the washer eats and silverware that end up in the trash wouldn’t have made my list because they disappear frequently and are easily replaced.  My husband wasn’t on my list either because I never thought of him as loseable – not a real word, but real enough to cherish that which is.  I anticipate the possibility of losing indispensable things like keys, but not the inevitability of losing someone like my husband, who was more important and needed than I ever realized.  As I look around me at the ones I’m closest to, I now see indispensable people that I can and will cherish for as long as we have.


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