You Is

The most important things you can teach anyone are from the book The Help; “You is kind, you is smart, you is important.”  These are the best things I can be.  One or more can be applied to every situation, every life event, and every person I meet.  Kind, when it comes to others and myself includes being nice, thoughtful, and considerate.  People make it hard because they make mistakes, do stupid things, don’t always think before they speak, and people include me.  To consider myself smart doesn’t mean I’m vain.  It means I use the brain I have often and well or try my best.  It means I’m not careless, it means I can learn.  Lots of things are important to do, remember, and consider, and I am one of those things.  My feelings are important and what I want to do, what I have to say, and my thoughts and opinions are too.  Aibileen repeated these words over and over to the children in her care.  Why?  To make a lasting positive impact in their lives. Engrained in my life, I know I have value in this world and I can make a difference no matter how small.


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