Available Space

Last night I looked around my living room and thought, what if I moved into a tiny house, what extras would I absolutely want to take?  The list was pretty small so I included the other rooms.  It came down to everything my husband made, some things I made, a black stuffed sheep, photographs, one guitar, and a bear rug.  I’ve collected over 100 stuffed bears and almost twice as many books and I have way too much furniture.  My life is full of all these things but it isn’t full.  The things I choose to keep remind me of my husband, my place in both families, and to stay humble.  They include printed memories and music that bring me joy.  All the rest is just meaningless stuff taking up the space I’ve given it.  My home is full of lots of things but no other people.  I have the space but can’t figure out how to fill it, so I’m stuck with alone.  I don’t have to love it or be satisfied enough to not want to change it, but I need to learn how to be comfortable with this available space that might not ever be filled.


2 thoughts on “Available Space

  1. I once had a yoga teacher explain that the process of holding yoga poses, and moving from one sequence to the next, is not so much to stretch your muscles, as it is to lengthen our fascia and create a little space in our body. It is only once we open up some physical space in our body, that we have the opportunity to choose how we want to fill that vacuum with our thoughts, dreams and aspirations. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on space, and how we choose to fill that space.


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